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Lincoln Rugby Social
USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN, Somewhere in the Middle East, I think.- Gathered together on the AFT mess decks, the Sailors of the LINCOLN Rugby teams got together for some well deserved social time. With a demanding work schedule and 4 nights of practice, members don't often get time to unwind. Promises of cake, ice cream, and cookies changed that. So Sunday, January 9th, the "Pain Muffins" regrouped.

Sweets weren't the only thing to look forward to that night. The teams new Jerseys finally arrived in the mail and it was time to pass them out. Not a stranger to uniforms, it was good to get away from the everyday colors of navy blue and deck gray. Green and white flooded the mess decks while ruggers tried on and passed around jersey's talking eagerly of our next port call so we could show them off. Talk about inspiration.

An hour later, it was time to call it a night. As the team cleaned up and put away their jersey's, they bid their farewells, charged up for their next practice.


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